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For over sixty years, Nuova Isoltermica Srl has been producing high quality insulating refractories designed to satisfy the most demanding insulation requirements, even at extremely high temperatures.


NUOVA ISOLTERMICA is one of the oldest companies operating in the refractories sector and in Italy indeed it is the oldest.
Incorporated by Comm. Ettore Giuntini in 1938 under the name
"Carbonifera di Savona", in 1947 it became "SpA Isotermica Giuntini" when the production of insulating refractory materials began.
Today, with a new name and a new corporate structure, "NUOVA ISOLTERMICA Srl" is controlled by the GIUNTINI family who guarantee continuity, and a respect for tradition which has done so much to consolidate the solid reputation of the company among its customers.


The range of products includes insulating firebricks, dense refractory castables, insulating refractory castables and refractory mortars.
These are products used predominantly by makers of kilns and furnaces for the ceramic tile and glass industries, and in the ironand- steel and petrochemical sectors.


In 1998 NUOVA ISOLTERMICA achieved the ISO 9002 quality certifi cation from the RINA Institute, moving then to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003. During 2009 Nuova Isoltermica achieved the latest revision of the standard ISO 9001:2008.


The factory is located at Vado Ligure (Savona), occupying premises of 17,000 m2, including 14,000 m2 under cover.

Output capacity is 4,000,000 bricks/year plus 10,000 tonnes/ year of concrete and cement.

The sales operation is run by a separate company IERRE srl based in Milan.